Outstanding Attorney

Mr. Pravel has worked diligently to make sure the matter at hand is taken care of professionally and in an expeditious manner. He has made sure along the way to keep me informed and has made sure I completely understand the process and what is going on. I would recommend him to anybody who is dealing with trademark issues.

— Maritza, Floridian Client

Quality Response to Trademark Rejection

 I hired Mr. Pravel to respond to a Non-Final Office Action from the U.S. Trademark Office. He took my business’s concerns into consideration before researching the matter thoroughly and submitted a quality response that was so persuasive that the Examining Attorney approved my mark to be published for opposition after only two days.

— Kevin Everage

Detailed, Thoughtful and Intelligent

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with several Patent Attorneys and Jim is by far the most detailed, thoughtful and intelligent of them all. I have been continually impressed with his ability to probe for the smallest of details and then to integrate that into his overall comprehension of the subject matter he is studying. I strongly recommend him, especially when considering his professionalism and attention to detail.”

— Marbert G. Moore III, ClearCorrect, Patents

Mr. Pravel Has Given Attentive Care and Alertness to all my Files

Since the early 2000’s I have trusted James W. Pravel, of Pravel Intellectual Property Law, PC, at Alexandria, Virginia 22314, to manage my clients’ TM and patent applications and registrations with the USPTO.
Along these something more than ten years I have realized with satisfaction that Mr. Pravel has given attentive care and alertness to all my files. We have had together some difficult cases that, I must say, were finally conducted along satisfying paths thanks to his sheer personal interest in solving the obstacles, often raised by unexpected sources.
Other of Mr. Pravel’s qualities that I have in high regard is the sober honesty with which he uses to discuss my opinions when necessary.

— Fil. dr. Joan Fortea, Abaco Propiedad, Spain

Outstanding Representation

“Jim Pravel has my sincerest appreciation & utmost confidence as a result of outstanding representation he provided me on multiple Intellectual Property Issues.  I will undoubtedly return to him for my future Intellectual Property matters.  I highly recommend him for anyone with similar needs.”

— Jason C., Alexandria, Virginia

Great Legal Astuteness

“Jim Pravel’s work on a trademark request for me was handled with great legal astuteness. I am very grateful for all his efforts on my behalf. He is one of the best attorneys in his field of expertise.”

— Gregory Holt, Trademarks

Rapid, Vigorous and Sound Defense

“Jim Pravel provided a rapid, vigorous and sound defense on my behalf that thwarted a baseless but potentially costly copyright lawsuit.”

— Dr. Ed., Alexandria, Virginia

Exemplary Work

“I wanted to take a moment to show my appreciation of your exemplary work, you were an excellent reference. Your rates have been fair, you have been on time with the necessary elements of following through on trademarks.  Your efficiency has helped to refine and improve my position.  I look forward to a continuing relation with you, as it has been a pleasure.”

— Todd Kingsley Designs – Dimensional Productions, Trademarks

He is Cooperative and a Real Team Player

“Jim Pravel is a real find as local counsel, or lead counsel in any intellectual property matter.  He is cooperative and a real team player, yet he is experienced and knowledgeable about both the broad scope and narrow details of the litigation.  He was able to work under tight time deadlines and always had more than the necessary fight in him.  He is particularly knowledgeable about the Internet and the cases being brought involving it.  He is a real asset.”

— Joseph S. Fogel, Law Offices of Joseph S. Fogel, Internet Litigation

Conscientious and Intellectual Professionalism

“We wish to express our gratitude for your assistance in patenting our device. We value your conscientious and intellectual professionalism as well as your budgeting courtesies and friendship. Your efforts are very much appreciated. We look forward to working with you on continued projects. Thank you.”

— Dr. and Ms. Hice; Gold Hill, Oregon, Patents

Excellent Work

“I am pleased with the manner in which you proceeded and kept us fully informed along the way… thank you for your excellent work on these matters.”

— Mr. Charles K. Phenicie for CYBERTIQUES, Domain Name Infringement Resolution

One of the Finest Attorneys I have Ever Worked With

“Jim Pravel is simply one of the finest attorneys I have ever met or worked with, and his work on my domain matter was outstanding in every way.  My case was complex and called for tremendous attention to detail – which Jim more than delivered. Jim’s work was so thorough and exhaustive I felt completely confident making the ‘tough decisions’.  Throughout the process, Jim was professional, knowledgeable, and generous with his time. Each step of the way, he put my interests first.  I highly recommend Jim Pravel to anyone in need of trustworthy, experienced, topnotch legal representation.”

— Mr. Jeffrey Wilson, for www.enterthematrix.com, Domain Name Conflict Resolution

 Meticulous in His Investigations — Thorough

“1. Very conscientious — knows the relevant laws;
2. Won’t shy away from telling you what he believes is in your best
interests regardless of whether or not the news is good;
3. Generous with his time;
4. Meticulous in his investigations — thorough.”

— Mr. James M. Simpson for WONDERMUGS, Trademarks and Contract Drafting

Has the Ability to ‘Think Outside the Box’

“My company’s trademark matter was handled promptly and efficiently by Pravel Intellectual Property Law, P.C. Jim’s innate ability to ‘think outside the box’ was most beneficial. I would recommend this firm for any intellectual property needs.”

— Betty K. Villani, Esq. President Business Venture Group , Inc., Trademarks

Jim Has a Good Level of Common Sense

“High level of confidence in my dealings with Jim. A lawyer committed to his specialty and with a good level of common sense which is important in getting the results needed, or choosing one’s path in difficult circumstances. A good attorney is one that you would feel comfortable turning to in a jam. That’s how I feel about Jim.”

— Albert Lewis, Trademarks

Excellent Patent Attorney

“Jim Pravel is an excellent patent attorney with many years of experience and a high degree of professionalism.”

— Timothy Ashby, Patents

Works Diligently with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

“After inadvertently allowing my company’s important Registered Trademark to lapse for three years at the conclusion of its last cycle, Jim Pravel and his staff at Pravel Intellectual Property Law worked diligently with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to not only re-register my company’s mark, but also to re-establish the original 1987 date of first use. Thank you again for your concise breakdown of the process, for your turnkey implementation and most importantly for protecting my company from potentially losing the rights to one of our most valuable assets.”

— Eric Levenson, President, Jeffrey Press, owner of the LASERITE® Brand laser-engraved corporate stationery products.

We Couldn’t Recommend a Better Trademark Attorney

“Jim did fine work for 2 separate trademark projects–renewing our “GREEN SUITES” trademark and our ‘ECOROOM’ trademark. We couldn’t recommend a better trademark attorney.”

— Dan Bornholdt, Trademarks

He was a Strong Advocate

“Mr. Pravel was local counsel on cutting edge litigation involving the Internet and suing domain names in rem for trademark infringement. He was a strong advocate of the client’s position.”

— Darren Quinn, Internet Litigation

He is a Phenomenal Patent and Trademark Attorney

“I have been working with Jim Pravel and his law firm for over ten years and I have to say that he is a phenomenal patent and trademark attorney.  I feel very confident working with him and he always provides clear information and advice.  It is a pleasure to do business with him and I highly recommend him for all of your intellectual property matters.”

— Graciela Perillo / Abaco Propiedad Industrial, S.L. / St. Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona, Spain)

Jim is a Fine Lawyer

“Jim is a fine lawyer very knowledgeable about the US Patent and Trademark Office and performing services of searching and evaluation of patents for infringement and validity.”

— Les Hewitt, Patent Infringement and Validity

Diligent and Trustworthy Counselor of Strong Character

“Jim is a pleasure to work with. He is a diligent and trustworthy counselor of strong character. I highly recommend him.”

— Ric Henschel, Litigation

I would Recommend Jim to Others

“Jim has provided technical reviews and assistance on IP issues associated with new technologies under development. I would recommend Jim to others who need IP assistance.”

— Mike Kemp, Patents

Highly Recommended

“Jim Pravel has always provide an honest assessment of a particular situation whether in the court room or in preparation and filing of a new idea. His technical, engineering background combined with his legal training make Jim uniquely qualified in the practice of his particular expertise. He is highly recommended and should be sought out when defending existing intellectual properties or aggressively protecting and positioning new and unique ideas.”

— Jim Prochaska, JNM Technologies, Inc., Patents and Litigation

I Would Recommend Jim Without Hesitation

“Jim provided excellent patent advice for me since 1996. He was very efficient and kept on top of me for answers and really understood the engineering concepts and developed excellent patents. I would recommend Jim without hesitation for this type of work.”

— Mike Bryant, Patents

Jim is Personable, Diligent and Extremely Professional

Pincott International Pty Ltd is a family owned Australian manufacturer of consumable products used in tire retreading and recycling industry throughout the world. We were originally introduced to Bill Pravel (Jim’s father) in the mid 1980’s and have continued on with Jim for the past 10 years with complete satisfaction.  We find Jim Pravel to be personable, diligent and extremely professional when employing his services.”

— Noel Boorer, Patents

Always Pleased with Jim’s Work

“I have always been pleased with Jim’s work for our clients and us.”

— Ben Tobor, Patent Research

Excellent Detailed Oriented Patent Attorney

“Jim is an excellent detailed oriented patent attorney. I have worked with him in complex litigation matters where Jim has served as the expert with respect to patent claims. I have found his expertise invaluable. I would recommend him to anyone seeking competent and diligent patent counsel.”

— Tom Dunlap, Patent Litigation

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