Copyright Applications



Copyright law protects original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form.   Although the principals of copyright law are applicable to the Internet, the state of the law is still developing to keep pace with the new technologies.

Unlike patent and trademark applications, copyright applications are not examined substantively against other existing copyrighted applications or registrations. As a result, an issued copyright registration typically does not have the inherent, underlying strength that  is provided with a patent or trademark.

Nevertheless, a valid copyright registration provides substantial and significant benefits for the registrant. Both statutory damages and attorneys fees may be available for the copyright registrant if infringement is proved.

Moreover, the cost of a copyright registration is very inexpensive in comparison with a patent or trademark and is usually recommended.

The United States Copyright Office provides copyright application forms, but caution is advised. The forms can be deceptively simple and mistakes can be costly in terms of a loss of rights at some time in the future.

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