Design Patent Applications



Design patents protect the ornamental features of an invention.  Unlike a utility patent, a design patent does not protect functional features.  For that reason, normally a utility patent is preferred.  However, there are situations where the invention includes ornamental features that are significant and therefore deserve to be protected with a patent.  Moreover, having a design patent allows you to mark your product and advertising with the the patented indication, which can serve as a deterrent to would be infringers.

Examples of Design Patents that we have obtained for our clients include:

The cost to prepare and file a Design Patent Application is $1,250.00, including 3 drawing sheet and the filing cost to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

A Patent Search can be conducted prior to filing the Design Patent Application, and if we provide you with a Patentability Opinion, you will know the likelihood that you will obtain a patent on your design.

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