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 What You Need to Know Before You Proceed

A patent will enable you to exclude others from making, using or selling your invention.

Be sure that before you invest in patent protection, you first consider the marketability of your invention. It is unfortunate, but many patents issue that do not result in profit for the inventors. Just because an idea may be patentable, it must also be marketable.

First determine the marketability of your invention to make sure that the investment to obtain a patent will easily be recovered from the sale of the patented invention.

Check on the date of first sale, advertisement or offer for sale. Make sure that you take action on your invention well before the end of one year after the first date that you advertise, sell or offer your invention for sale. Unless you file a provisional or non-provisional application in the US within the one-year deadline, you can lose the right to patent your invention forever.

Before you present your idea to any manufacturer, if you have not already filed a patent application, you can get a free sample Non-disclosure Agreement here.

 What We Can do For You

We determine first whether your invention is patentable. In order to determine patentability, the closest related technology (called “prior art”) is searched at the US Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Your invention is then compared with the closest prior art and a determination is made as to whether your invention is patentable. We have experience in a wide range of different technologies.

It is possible for you to search the records of the USPTO on your own. Click here for the USPTO search page and enter keywords to look at the prior art patents.  You can also search Google Patent here.

The searches that we conduct are different than the searches that are available on the Internet. We conduct searches at the USPTO using the “East” search system. The East search systems allows a searcher to conduct a much more thorough search than that possible on the Internet. Moreover, the cost of a search and opinion is significantly less than the cost of preparing and filing a patent application.

Patent Searches USPTO

If we determine that your invention is patentable, we then work with you to prepare a Draft patent application for your review and approval. Once the application is filed, we work through the process until the application issues. Each application is treated appropriately to the circumstances, but on occasion, an in person interview with the patent examiner helps to advance the patent application to issue. Because our offices are located in close proximity to the US Patent and Trademark Office, and because we are quite familiar with the operations at the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is efficient for us to interview the patent examiner on your behalf.

The cost to prepare and file a patent application varies from $5385 to over $10,000, including the government filing fee.  Financing is available. Discounts are also available to corporations or individual inventors for multiple patent applications.


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