Twisty Tint PatentThere are several TV shows that help independent inventors to achieve their dreams.  Most viewers are familiar with the Shark Tank.  Shark Tank has inventors/entrepreneurs compete for funding from potential investor sharks.  A newer show is called Make Me a Millionaire Inventor.  It is different from Shark Tank because once an inventor is selected to be on Make Me a Millionaire Inventor, a mechanical engineer such host Deanne Bell provides critique to the inventor’s design and business plan and helps the inventor by getting a prototype made at a prototyping facility.  Once a working prototype is completed, a meeting is coordinated between the inventor and qualified investors who are interested helping the inventor bring his or her invention to the market.

According to the host Deanne Bell, our client, Enayat Motahedy was selected largely because of the “very impressive patent” that we prepared for him.  The inside story is available here:

We also obtained the US Trademark TWISTY TINT, that Enayat created as part of the intellectual property protection package for his invention.

Enayat has shown what needs to be done by an inventor/entrepreneur who has a new product idea or system.  Just because an inventor obtains a patent, it does not mean that inventor is going to become wealthy – there needs to be more.   The patent will provide the exclusive rights to exclude others from making, using or selling the invention, but the inventor still needs to do whatever it takes to bring the invention to the marketplace.

With a quality patent, an inventor’s chances of being selected from the many thousands of TV show applicant’s increases dramatically.  The Twisty Tint patent can be seen here and is on Facebook here.

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